Yamnu (officialy: The United Turkish republic of Yamnu) is a country originaly located at the place of current Turkey. It has population of 150 milion people (According to the year 2028). It was created by ChemicalFun27 as his Official nation.


Yamnu is very militarized nation.


Yamnu has very powerful army, consisting of 1.500 thousands of people and 10 milion holy sh*t bombs.

Allies and EnemiesEdit

Yamnu is currently allied with Poland, Austria-Hungary and Vordalkien.


As of Episode 4, Yamnu has hit its biggest form. ChemicalFun27 staited, he's going to make it smaller.


Yamnu is very good at science and technology, specialy in particular chemistry.

It also has no IKEAS.


Looking at Yamnu's history, nation of Yamnu is basicaly Turkish nation and as of this, the nation has the same culture as today's Turkey.


Yamnu's flag.