Qysid (Kh-sid) Qysidi: (Hk-id) is the official nation of Olimario948 and is known for it's massive culture and army.

Creation Edit

In Olimario's original Future of Europe Qysid was not included and was not planned to be the official nation when the reboot first started however after some realization about the disputes the original official nation: Navicia. Olimario decided to add Qysid to his series.

History Edit

After a deadly terrorist attack on the Libyan capital city Tripoli a massive revolution began involving three major rebel groups, Qysid was one of them. Lead by Mohammad Al-Ali (See what I did there) the Qysidi rebels quickly seized western Libya and left the remains for the other Rebel groups, the Qysidi empire was formed. Mohammad ordered an invasion of it's neighbors that was extremely successful, but he died and Hakim Al-Salem became ruler of the Qysidi empire. later Qysid joined the Imperial alliance and a world war broke out, it was able to take over East Algeria, Malta, and Sicily before leaving the war. Hakim ordered for an invasion of northern Africa causing massive casualties but resulted in major Qysidi expansion, now with a massive empire Hakim died and Abdul Al-Hamza became emperor, he launch an invasion of Italy, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Sardinia, and Mamporia ending in victory. Later they invaded the Soran Empire causing it to split, Qysid established puppet states in the new nations formed in Sora and participated in world war 4 allowing them to take control over most of Southern Europe.

In Mapmaker's series Edit

Qysid is the First Nation after the fallout, after expanding across parts of Northern Africa and established the Old ruins alliance with Cyprus and Egypt.