An Official Nation (Popular term made by 99batran) is a nation that is what the mapper owns. Usually they are the main characters of the series. Some were favored throughout the community through popularity. Usually everyone of them are fictional. (Put yours if you're a mapper) list official names by Alphabetical order, "the" is not included. For Nations that took over the world once Go to Hypernations

Think of it as an OC but with countries.

This new version of the Official Nations List will lower confusion between regions.

The list is Below the table of Contents,.

Primary Official NationsEdit

  • Brabrantium (Benelux) (99batran)
  • Corinthia (Greece) (NCMilitia)
  • Hungaria (Hungary, Slovakia, Romania) (starring94)
  • Mamporia (Northern Iberia, Southern France) (TheJarjar99)
  • Masorpia (Southern Iberia) (SuperMind1337)
  • Miracium (Greece, Turkey) (MrOwnerandPwner)
  • Permia (Catalonia/Aragon) (GanDaiMe11)
  • Ronschdilatia (Romania, Bulgary, Moldova) (Mapper Freaker)
  • Sacrania (or Sacred Mafrian Empire) (Mainland Italy) (Disturbedfan1100)
  • Serbatija (Serbia) (Drexmapper)
  • Sinpan (Middle East, Cyprus, Greece, Armenia) (MikiPL004)
  • Talin (Baltics) (EthanConquistador)
  • Trebzon (Pontus) (Zukas)
  • Tybers (Brittany, Lower Normandy) (MapAnimator)
  • Zapadrussia (Southern Baltics/North, East Belarus) (Zephyrus)
  • Gazientia (France, Spain) (Multi Mappers)

Official Nation List by ContinentEdit


  • Adaristan (Basically all of central estern urals mainy centered in hungary and czech republic)
  • Albanoslavia (Balkans, Hungary)
  • Aramicia (Iberia, Soutern France)
  • Myceldania (Macedonia,greece,Bulgaria,Turkey)
  • Baguettenia (France)
  • Baltorus (North Baltics)
  • Belfrug (South England, Benelux, Northern Germany)
  • Blemen (Southern Germany, Switzerland, Tirol, North Italy)
  • Brabrantium (Benelux)
  • Briton  (Great Britian, Northern Normandy)
  • Caravor (Balkans, mainly in Hungary)
  • Cassandrian Empire of Macedonia (Balkans, Greece, Turkey, S. Italy, Tunisia, Tripoli, North Egypt)
  • Colozeb (Croatia)
  • Constantijja  (Croatia,Federation BiH)
  • Cotes (Iceland, Cape Verde and Tunisia)
  • Rowlandia (Ukraine, Romania)
  • FrancoSpanisian Empire  (Italy,Northern Africa,Spain,France,Belgium,Slovenia,Switzerland)
  • Gazientatia (France, Spain)
  • Herdonia (Sweden)
  • Hollgium (Benelux, Western Germany)
  • Ingentium (Switzerland, UK)
  • Invidia (Corsica, Sardinia)
  • Koslavia (Luxembourg, Benelux, Nothern Germany, Western, Eastern and Nothern Poland, Kalingrad, Lithuania,Estonia,Lativia,Nothern Belarus, Ireland Island)
  • Lertinia (East Latvia, Novgorod region[from Russia])
  • Lithus (Kaliningrad, North Poland, Central Lithuania)
  • Mamporia (Spain)
  • Manaan (Austria,Hungary,Slowakia and Czechnia)
  • Masorpia (Spain,Southern France)
  • Miracium (Turkey, Greece)
  • Moragia (Poland)
  • Numelia (Northern Italy)
  • Odernia (Poland, Germany)
  • Permia (Spain, France[Aragon, Catalonia, Provence, Murcia, Andalusia])
  • Ronschdilatia  (Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova)
  • Sacrania (Italy)
  • Serbatija (Serbia)
  • Tomeria(Southern Balkan)
  • Talin (Baltics)
  • Thermendiom (All of Eastern Europe, Canada, Greenland, top of Africa.)
  • Trebzon (Trebizon)
  • Prybaltania (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)
  • The Tybers (France)
  • Valgond (Russia, Poland, Northern Ukraine, Finland)
  • Vintome (Denmark)
  • Vordalkien (Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Southern Ukraine)
  • Yamnu (Ottoman Empire Europe,Caucasia,Turkey,Central Asia)
  • Zapadrussia (Belarus, Baltic States)
  • Baltorus (Most of land is disputed with talin and Zapadrussia)
  • Norsenia (Iceland, Norway, UK, Ireland)
  • Vöru-Lithuania (Baltics, Belarus, Poland)
  • Svealand (Sweaden, Norway)
  • Sentra (Finland, Karelia)
  • Naltor (Croatia,  Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Czech, and Souther Poland)
  • Democratic Peoples Republic of Ferica (Entirety of central east Sweeden Southern Finland Estonias 2 isles and a small part of centeral Norway)


North AmericanEdit

South AmericanEdit


Middle EasternEdit

Mainland AsianEdit

  • Varcahi (Bangladesh, East India and Bhutan)
  • Astonian Khanate (All the -stan countries except for Turkmenistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan, South Western Russia)
  • Holy Kaukus Empire (Armenia,Georgia;Azerbaidschan,North-east Iran, Sea acess of Kazakhstan,Turkmeinstan, Kaukus Russia







  • Acidalla
  • Amazonis
  • Angustum
  • Arcadia
  • Arcian Empire (99batran's Universe)
  • Cimmeria
  • Elysium
  • Isidis
  • Marinierisia
  • Sisyphia
  • Tharsis
  • Tempe
  • þorn (Thorn)


  • Sombili
  • Vi
  • Yorkoksau

Unrecognised Nations Edit

Statistics on Major Official NationsEdit

The Popular/Major Official Nations are the Main characters of the Community, usually used by almost all of them.

  • Popular Fictional Official Nations (PFON): Brabrantium, Mamporia, Talin, Tybers, Miracium.
  • Popular Nonfictional Official Nations (PNON): The Abbasids 
  • Popular Non-European Official Nations (PNEON): None