ChemicalFun27 (Wikia Username: Lisastr67) or Yiğit Alp Özd*****, is a Turkish mapper, that is posting his videos on YouTube. He was born on the February 20th 2004. He's one of the newer meppers, since he joined community on July 20th 2014. Eventhough he's new, he already planned out lots of maping videos. His Official nation, which he uses is Yamnu. ChemicalFun27 is supporter of Pan-Turkism. He also likes chemistry, which is even a base for his Youtube username. He dislikes Mi-ra-ci-um.



  • Nice vids: +20
  • Cool guy: +25
  • Add an 'E' in his name to become a molecule: +30
  • Can resist Vegemite: +50

Total: 125 (Super)


  • Cool vids: +50
  • Cool nations: +20

Total: 70 (Fine)


  • Cool Vids: +50
  • Nice guy: +25
  • Not Annoying: +20

Total: 95 (Cool)


  • Father of Mapping Wiki: +150
  • Likes MLP: -10
  • 50 Episodes: +20
  • Loved person: +50

Total: 210 (Wow!)

Kavishan Mapping:

  • Annoying: -30

Total: -30 (Not Friends With)

Zepyhrus Mapping:

  • Cool: +50
  • Epic Nation: +20

Total: 70 (Fine)


  • Cool: +50
  • Super: +20
  • Cool city: +50

Total: 120 (Super)


  • Cool: +50
  • Chatted: +20

Total: 70 (Fine)


  • Nice guy: +50
  • From Republic of Macedonia: +45
  • From Balkans: +35
  • Pals: +50

Total: 170 (Pals)


  • From Balkans: +35
  • Cool: +50
  • Others: +30

Total: 115 (Pals)

Likes and DislikesEdit

Likes of ChemicalFun:          Dislikes of ChemicalFun:

Chemistry                                         Nazis

Mapping                                           Batıkan

Minecraft                          People who use the word hors d'oevrue

Money collecting                      Bolu province of Turkey


Sarah mapping (asshole)


ChemicalFun27 has currently going on a series called The Future of Europe, with currently 5 episodes posted.

First Episode

To watch first episode of The Future of Europe click The Future of Europe Part 1 (The beginning of the Wars)

Second Episode

To watch the second episode of The Future of Europe click Future of Europe 2-Old Great Yamnu

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