Welcome to the Alternate Future of Europe Wiki! 

This wiki was created by ChemicalFun27 aka Lisastr67 on August 10th 2014. It is mostly about Mapping, and a bit about Numismatics too. Wiki is based on TheFutureOfEuropes Wiki (all rights reserved), and was created to eliminate 'unimportant' information that has occured on the original wiki. 

If you're a mapper, feel free to come by, join the wiki, help editing or just hang out. Fans of mapping are welcome to join and help as well. Keep in mind that this wiki is just a test and it's currently still under development.

About MappingEdit

Mapping is an activity in which 'mappers' (that's how we call ourselves) with the power of their minds, try to come up with the most interesting future or history of nations as they can imagine. They make videos using various picture editor and movie programs to make a video and post it to Youtube.

Latest ActivityEdit

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